Friday, March 15, 2013

JCCS Academic Language Assessment Week 27 - Drug Sniffing Dogs

According to The Arrow, "Drug sniffing dogs are coming to campus this year. That’s a good thing.  Students who carry drugs negatively influence others to try them." (source link).  This shows that if they catch the kids who have drugs there will be less drug use.  This also shows that kids could better there education and not get into drugs so early.  According to Wp Politics, "The Supreme Court on Tuesday sided with a drug-sniffing German shepherd named Aldo in ruling that police do not have to extensively document a dog’s expertise to justify relying on the animal to search someone’s vehicle." (source link).  This shows that drug trafficing will soo hopefully be put to a stop.  This also shows that if the drugs are not brought in kids will not get them and there would be no need for drug sniffing dogs.  In conclusion, drugs sniffing dogs are good for schools.

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