Friday, March 15, 2013

JCCS Academic Language Assessment Week 27 - Drug Sniffing Dogs

According to The Arrow, "Drug sniffing dogs are coming to campus this year. That’s a good thing.  Students who carry drugs negatively influence others to try them." (source link).  This shows that if they catch the kids who have drugs there will be less drug use.  This also shows that kids could better there education and not get into drugs so early.  According to Wp Politics, "The Supreme Court on Tuesday sided with a drug-sniffing German shepherd named Aldo in ruling that police do not have to extensively document a dog’s expertise to justify relying on the animal to search someone’s vehicle." (source link).  This shows that drug trafficing will soo hopefully be put to a stop.  This also shows that if the drugs are not brought in kids will not get them and there would be no need for drug sniffing dogs.  In conclusion, drugs sniffing dogs are good for schools.

Monday, March 11, 2013

JCCS Academic Language Assessment Week 26 - Cars

I would not want a car that drives itself.  According to Geekosystem, "First, legislation needs to be changed to reflect traffic scenarios where humans are not always present or at fault." (source link).  This shows that if a car drive of a cliff a the insurance company would not know whos at fault.  This also shows that the laws are not designed to handle certain problems.  According to Self-Driving & Driverless Autonomous Cars, "Privacy is another concern, at least for some people." (source link).
This shows that if you wanted to get a surprise birthday gift people can just get to see were you went on the logs.  This also shows that there is no privacy what so ever.  In conclusion, self driving cars would not be good.

Friday, March 1, 2013

JCCS Academic Language Assessment Week 25 - Concealed Carry

Adults should have the right to carry a concealed handgun.  According to ProCon, "Proponents of concealed carry say that criminals are less likely to attack someone they believe to be armed." (source link).  This shows that the crime rate will go down.  This also shows that less people will be assaulted because the criminals will be afraid.  According to Wikipedia  states that " Not all weapons that fall under CCW controls are lethal" (source link).  This shows carrying a concealed weapon is mostly for protection.  This also shows that is just give the person carrying a peace of mind that they have protection with them at all times.  In conclusion, people should be able to carry a concealed handgun.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

JCCS Academic Language Assessment Week 24

Online learning is an effective way to educate students.  According to Umpqua Community College, "You do not have to physically come to campus and sit in a classroom, so you could take a course from anywhere you have Internet access" (source link).  This shows that it save the student money on gas.  This also shows that students can have full time jobs and still go to school.  According to Georiga Perimiter College, "Online learning gives students greater freedom of scheduling, but it can require more self-discipline than on-campus classes" (source link).  This shows that if they are an early person they can get the school done in the morning.  This also shows that they have more freedom to see family etc.  In conclusion, online learning is an effective way of learning for students who have tight schedules.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

JCCS Academic Language Assessment Week 22

Felons should be allowed to vote. For example, their crime could not be RELEVANT to politics.
This shows that it should not be ignored over one's mistake(s). This also shows that it should be a really bad felony for your vote not to count. In addition, the Constitution states that people have a right to vote. This shows that it is right for people to vote regardless of their situation. Lastly, if a person commits a murder in self-defense and is considered a felon, they should still be allowed to vote for what they believe in. This shows that people should not be consequenced and have their vote revoked.  Although felons do not have all the SOURCES to be able to vote, they should be able to still participate. This shows that felons' votes can help make COMPLEX decisions as to who is going to be the next president. This also shows that felons are able make a difference in their own futures. This also shows that minor felons should still be allowed to vote. In conclusion, felons should be allowed to vote.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

JCCS Academic Language Assessment Week 23

Dog fighting should be illegal. For example, the POTENTIAL that dogs have should not be towrads fighting. This shows that dogs are not meant to fight they are soppose to be DISTINCT pets. This also shows that dogs should not be forced to fight. In addition, people that make dogs fight should have to face jail time. This shows that if they serve jail time there will be less dog fighting. This also shows that dogs would not have to be put to sleep as much for being agressive. In conclusion, dog fighting should be illegal.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

JCCS Academic Language Assessment Week 21

Performance enhancing drugs, such as steroids, should not be allowed in sports. They should not be allowed in sports because the TRADITION of sports is to have fun and be normal and have no drugs in sports. PRIMARILY, if someone is on drugs it's not fair because they have an advatage over the opposite team. Over a PERIOD of time, athletes have been using more and more peformace enhancing drugs to make them bigger faster and stronger. Performance enhancing drugs should be banned and sports should test their athletes on a regular basis.